OMG! News – Miley Cyrus Engaged To Bf Liam Hemsworth!!!!

6 06 2012

Coming as quite or not so quite a shock (depends on who you ask) Miley Cyrus is officially engaged to Liam Hemsworth. Read the rest of this entry »


Joe Jonas && Demi Lovato- PDA

4 04 2010

Showing their affection for one another, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were side-by-side in Hollywood on Saturday April 3rd.  The couple was all giggly (well Demi more than Joe) as they stop off for a few things at Erewhon Foods grocery store to load up on all of their shopping needs. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Goin On??

1 04 2010

Want to know what’s happening in the lives of your favorite Nickelodeon or Disney star?? Well I’m here to tell you.

March 31st 201o


Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly took a trip to the city of Chicago with her band. While at the airport it seems she had a case of unfortunate events; first while trying to get rid of her coffee, it accidentally spilled on this old man. What did Miranda do?? Well, first she asked her twitter followers for suggestions then she apologized and found out that the old man didn’t care for his cardigan that much. (Miranda I think you should carry a lucky charm with you but then again you seem so sweet that we’ll forgive you for anything 🙂 )

Jennette McCurdy of iCarly took a trip to see her cousins whom she haven’t seem in a while then later tweeted that she was watching the movie “Pay It Forward” (hope you enjoyed that) && cast mate Nathan Kress took a photography field trip to a museum. (hope to see some inspiring pictures in the future.)

Nick mate Victoria Justice also had a busy day (kinda). While waiting to film her show Victorious she got bored && tweeted this pic…

- supppppp 😉 hehe. bored times in my dressing room! WAHOOOO

(Is it me or does she seem pretty excited to be bored?? Maybe it’s just me *shrugs*) She then later tweeted about her love for Italian food and made use of the Google translator (which I’m sure we all do) to further let us know how much she loves Italian.


Seems to me that the filming of the hit show Hannah Montana is back in full swing. Miley Cyrus must be exhausted with her movie with hottie Australian bf Liam 🙂 “The Last Song” coming out and filming the fourth and final season for her show.

Emily Osment tweeted about going to the gym and seeing her producer and then send a twitpic of three pairs of converse shoes (I’m guessing Miley, Emily and Mitchel).

Selena Gomez took a day of sightseeing with her mom and another friend while in the city of lights Paris to promote her Album. She also went live and took a trip to the MTV studios.

OMG!! :O Sharpay Evans is back!!. Ms. Ashley Tisdale signed on to do a spin off of the UBER popular movie/musical High School Musical. Taking on her love of Pink character again in a Disney Channel original movie titled “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures” which will be filmed this summer but released in 2011. (I for one can’t wait)

That’s all for today. Ciao 😀

Nisney Star Twitter Updates :)

30 03 2010


- @joejonas. @abbypivaronas. picture of the day number three. yep.


@ItsChelseaStaub Read the rest of this entry »

Another Selena Update: Slow Down Grl…

30 03 2010

According to former BFF Demi Lovato “Here we go again”. Selena, Selena…for a girl that isn’t 18 yet, you’ve got alot going on. *In Gossip Girl voice* “Spotted” spending the day with some lucky fans before jetting off to the wonderful world of Paris was Selena Gomez in Madrid, Spain during a promotional visit on Tuesday March 30th.

The jetsetting Disney “Princess” meeted and greeted the anxious fans while taking pictures and signing autographs during the “Kiss & Tell” promotional event.

Ms Gomez eventually made her way inside the venue where she openly answered several questions asked by the excited crowd.

Earlier she tweeted “hey everyone, i am streaming this crazy Madrid instore right NOW, check it out at:

Selena + Kmart = <3

30 03 2010

Looks like another fashionista is on the rise.  Selena Gomez has made a collection of clothes for the Kmart juniors department.

She is hoping to revamp the discount store’s reputation with some new looks at affordable prices. Selena explained that the line is “ the whole Texan cowgirl meets the glam Boho chic of Hollywood. Since the announcement, we added a lot of accessories. I love scarves, and long necklaces and cute bangles. It’s constantly changing, which is cool. It will change with me.”

Sears Holdings VP John Goodman added, that “She will be the centerpiece of the juniors business and hopefully add credibility to the apparel business in the whole Kmart store. This is part of the plan to revamp and revitalize the apparel business at Sears and Kmart.”

I Wonder if she’ll be as successful as Miley. Hmm

Anyways. Here’s some pics of some of the line. Looks cute to me.

Yummy Alert: Ethan Peck

30 03 2010

I know I said this website is about Disney && Nickelodeon stars only but  I was watching ABC Family’s show “10 Things I Hate About You” marathon, (you know the one they made after the movie with Julia Stiles && the late Heath Ledger”  and you know  I just HAD to write about this awesome piece of man candy 🙂

You know I’m talking about the actor Ethan Peck A.K.A Patrick Verona who according to the dad on the show is “ that deep voiced man-boy.”

I mean look at that pic. It makes you imagine that bad boy at your school that everybody is fascinated with but too scared of to talk to him. Plus in the episodes, he’s just too funny always telling Kat (played by “girlfriend” Lindsey Shaw formerly known as Ned’s Declassified’s Moze) that it’s obvious she’s obsessed with him

I mean with a face like this… who wouldn’t be obsessed??

I know I am 🙂