Miley Cyrus – Engagement Ring Details

7 06 2012

Just after news broke that Liam Hemsworth proposed to Miley Cyrus, details of the gorgeous engagement ring are released.

According to Lane, when Liam first came to him about creating a one of kind ring he said he wanted “something unusual,” as well as, “something really beautiful and romantic,” and it looks like that’s just what he got.

As shown in the above picture, the 19-year-old star was presented with a handcrafted 18-karat gold ring that has exquisite floral detail around the band. As for the 3.5-karat center rock, Lane says that’s not your ordinary diamond explaining, “It was hand-cut around 1880 or 1890 and it’s unique and in its original form,” adding, “at that time no two diamonds were alike, as they were all hand-cut, so it’s fascinating to look at because it hasn’t been re-cut to look contemporary over the years. I find that really romantic.”

It looks the starlet is extremely happy with the ring and recent proposal as she took to her Twitter page writing, “I love you more today than yesterday but I love you less today than I will tomorrow,” and later thanking her fans for their support tweeting, “thank you for all the love today 🙂 I’m happy to share this news with you all. I feel like all my dreams are coming true. have a great day.”

Enjoy these pictures of Miley enjoying a GNO engagement celebration.




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