Demi Lovato To Appear On Good Morning America

1 04 2011


Demi Lovato tweeted that she was back at work on a new, super-secret project. And now it seems she’s going to have an upcoming appearance on “Good Morning America.”

The singer tweeted about the appearance on March 31st , but didn’t say too much about what it would entail, as she wrote, “Everyone follow @RobinRoberts such a genuine and talented STRONG woman. Someone I definitely admire and look up to! @RobinRoberts thank you SO much for helping me tell my story today. Today was really special for me. Thank you. God bless!”

“GMA” host Roberts had equally kind words for Lovato, as she tweeted back, “As soon as we have an exact air date will let u know. Will give u plenty of notice. Demi is devoted to her fans. Demi’s intvw will air on @GMA and 20/20 in couple of weeks. Will let u know. She truly touched me today. Very open, wonderful.”

Demi has slowly been returning to the public eye since leaving a rehab facility in January, where she received treatment for “emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time.”




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